Snowy Mountain River - 5 Piece Set


A beautiful piece to add to any den, office, man-cave, living room, dinning room or study! 

YES, we ship WORLDWIDE!! 


Framed: The framed option is a 5 piece canvas that is already on a wooden frame and ready to hang! It looks as beautiful as seen on picture above.

Unframed: The unframed canvas is just the 5 piece print on a canvas without a wooden frame. They are securely encased with in a protective sheet and a package board as seen below. 


Medium: 2 Pieces in 8x12in (20x30cm), 2 Pieces in 8x16in (20x40cm), 1 Piece in 8x20in (20x50cm)

Large: 2 Pieces in 12x16in (30x40cm), 2 Pieces in 12x24in (30x60cm), 1 Piece in 12x32in (30x80cm)


*Canvas in picture not to scale in relation to furniture.
**Shipping may take up to 2-4 weeks (depending on final destination).  

Category: Landscape

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